Tailwind CSS gradient text tutorial

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CSS gradient texts are super cool, I love the vibe it gives off, and I made this CSS gradient text effect before.

This tutorial will explore how you can add gradient text in Tailwind CSS without adding any custom styles πŸ‘€.

Tailwind CSS gradient text example

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Let's get started by creating our heading and adding the tailwind classes we need:

class="font-extrabold text-transparent text-8xl bg-clip-text bg-gradient-to-r from-purple-400 to-pink-600"

Tailwind CSS

This will be all we need to create this super cool Tailwind gradient text effect. However, let's look at what these elements do.

The general styling

  • text-8xl: Makes the text font-size 6rem, so quite big
  • font-extrabold: Created a bigger font-weight, so the effect pops more

The above styles are not needed for the actual effect. However, the classes below are required to get the gradient effect we want.

  • text-transparent: This makes the actual text transparent and shows the background (which has the gradient)
  • bg-clip-text: This makes the background only show on the text outlines
  • bg-gradient-to-{flow}: This is used to state what direction the gradients flow. (All directions)
  • from-{color}: Set the beginning color in our case to purple-400
  • to-{color}: This sets the end color, in our case pink-600

In the CodePen below, your can see the result of Tailwind CSS Gradient Text:

See the Pen Making gradient text with Tailwind CSS by Chris Bongers (@rebelchris) on CodePen.

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